How to Get Your Dream Fireplace

Rymell Fires and Flues Ltd are registered under HETAS Company Number 7951 operative number 25738 for the installation of stoves and the relining of chimneys.

Rymell Fire & Flues Log Burner
State of Art CCTV Inspection with Rymell Fire & Flue

Step 1: Book

An Inspection

First things first; when installing a new fire, it is required under building regulations that the flue is cleared of deposits and is inspected to ensure it is safe to reline.

Some flues may need to be rebuilt prior to a stove being installed.


That’s why, whenever we fit a new stove, we insist on it being swept and CCTV inspected beforehand.


This service, which is chargeable, also allows us to gather other important information to ensure we fit the right components. 

Step 2: Quotation

Once we’ve assessed the chimney, following the sweep and CCTV inspection, we will advise on the next steps.


At this point, you’re under no obligation to use us – but of course if you want to then that’s brilliant. If you decide not to use us then you will have all the paperwork needed to show to another installer that the flue has been swept and is clear for relining.

Step 3: Accept


We will let you know when the installation will take place and if we need any monies upfront as a deposit.

Installing a Flue/Wood Burner into a Property With Crane

Step 4: Installation

Depending on the nature of the works undertaken, it can take between one day and a few days to finish an installation.


All Solid fuel installations are officially logged with HETAS which in turn are then registered with the local authority giving you  all necessary paperwork for compliance.

Rymell Fire & Flues Van with Crane
Rymell Fire & Flues Log Burner

Step 5: Regular


Its not the end when we have fitted the stove. We will arrange to come back most likely once a year to sweep the flue and service the stove.