HETAS Landlord Safety Inspections

HETAS Landlord Safety Inspections

HETAS Safety Inspections are important and are regularly requested by estate agents, letting agents, holiday homes and private landlords as well as housing associations. 

If you let a property you are responsible under the Landlord Safety Act 1985 and the Health and Safety Act  that all heat producing appliances are in a safe condition and serviced annually.

Landlords Safety Act 1985 states "working and servicing of all heating and hot water installations" although this wording can seem ambiguous, this also refers to open fires, Rayburns, Agas, coal and wood burning stoves. 

Part of the landlords undertaking is the sweeping of chimney flues, this cannot be delegated to tenants as it is then an unfair contract term. 

Given that a chimney fire could potentially cause considerable damage to a property, it should give Landlord’s peace of mind to have the chimneys professionally swept.

Rymell Fires and Flues are able to sweep all chimneys and complete a HETAS Landlords Safety Check and provide the appropriate documentation. 

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